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Bird Toy Parts

Every bird component in the following categories are parts that we use on our own toys. Each is chosen for safety first and foremost, as well as fun and durability.
  • Wood Bird Toy Parts Wood Bird Toy Parts
    Odds and ends made of bird safe, non-toxic wood. Colored with FDA approved, food-grade dye that is 100% safe for birds.
  • Plastic Bird Toy Parts Plastic Bird Toy Parts
    Bits and pieces made of non-toxic plastic. Plastic often adds vibrant color and durability when crafting toys and can easily be washed when soiled.
  • Bird Safe Hardware Bird Safe Hardware
    Zinc and lead free hardware for making your own toys. This is what we use on all of our own toys!
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Stainless Steel Hardware
    When you're looking for only the best hardware for your bird, look no farther than these quality stainless steel products. Perfect for crafting your own safe bird toys.
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather Vegetable Tanned Leather
    Birds love leather! Durable, chewy and natural, all of our leather is vegetable tanned and free of dangerous chrome that can be found in the leather industry.
  • Bird Friendly Rope & Cording Bird Friendly Rope & Cording
    The glue that holds everything together! Here you will find many different types of bird safe rope, lacing, cording and other materials that may be used to string through your bird's favorite toy parts.
  • Natural & Shreddable Parts Natural & Shreddable Parts
    Natural toy parts to make your own bird toys. Find vine items, coconut, paper and more in this category.
  • Birdie Bagels Birdie Bagels
    Birdie Bagels are a safe, inexpensive treat to toss your bird to tear up! Made of bird friendly paper that is pressurized into a safe roll that birds love to peel at for hours.
  • Bird Toy Starter Bases Bird Toy Starter Bases
    When you're building your own bird toys, this is the best place to start! A collection of bases that can be used as starters when assembling toys.
Earn Birdie Bucks!