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Welcome to A Bird Toy's online store. Here you will find bird toys for all sizes, as well as a variety of perches, rope coils and boings, bird toy parts, Birdie Binkies and talon toys. My family and I have been handcrafting bird toys for nearly 20 years and specialize in natural, shreddable and foraging toys. Most importantly, bird safety is our number one priority - we don't just carry toys that are cheap or popular, we carry toys that are SAFE and those of which always adhere to the following standards:

  • Bird Safe Hardware - NO lead or zinc
  • Food Grade Colors-NO dangerous chemicals
  • 100% Natural Fiber Rope-NO synthetics
  • Veggie Tanned Leather - NO chrome tanning
  • Non-Toxic Wood -NO treated or toxic species

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I invite you to take a few moments to browse our extensive bird toy store and see why we are best known for quality toys at affordable prices. If you are here for toys, you will find them categorized by size in the left navigation bar. We also have a Shreddable Bird Toys category that include many of our most popular handcrafted creations.

If you're interested in DIY bird toys, then you will find our extensive toy parts section helpful. From toy bases to start you off to hardware and bells to finish, we stock everything in between to make your own toys.

If you would like to save time and money, we've recently added two new features to the store. The ToyBox Surprise Club is great if you would like surprise toy shipments delivered to you monthly, while out Bonus Bird Toy Boxes are an excellent option if you have a large flock (or just a few busy beaks!) and need to buy toys in bulk. In addition, you may want to check out our Sales & Sizing page to see if we have any current promotions happening.

We also have FREE shipping on domestic orders of $45+.

We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience!

- Christina & family

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